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Launched in May 2017, Property Whispers is the world's first off-market residential property sales platform, instantly matching buyers and their property requirements with off-market properties for sale (i.e. 'quiet' or 'pre-market' listings).

Liane Fletcher, Co-Founder of Property Whispers came up with the idea when she was working as a real estate agent and regularly saw buyers missing out at auctions and who had limited access to off-market properties available in their area. Real estate agents, even with good databases were missing out on new buyers in the market every week, who could potentially be suitable for their off-market listings.

"The idea for Property Whispers was born to assist buyers access off-market properties in their area. This platform is ideal for agents and vendors who do not want to pay for expensive advertising or may want to keep the sale private." says Liane.

Larry Mendelowitz, a long time friend with considerable property experience, had bought and sold off-market properties in the past. He was familiar with the frustration of being a vendor and buyer in this process. Larry joined Liane as Co-Founder of the business and together they have worked closely to develop the Property Whispers platform.

"Our test at every stage of development has been to ask whether Property Whispers genuinely helps vendors, real estate agents and buyers better facilitate the off-market sales process” says Larry.

Liane Fletcher, Co-Founder

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