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We instantly match you with real estate for sale - both ‘off-market’ and advertised properties (including ‘Just Listed’).

‘Off-market’ properties are those not publicly advertised ie: you can’t easily find them, unless you're in touch with every real estate agent in your area.

‘Just Listed’ properties are properties currently advertised for sale and are usually seen on a number of major platforms.

Whether you are looking to buy an apartment, buy a house or townhouse or maybe even buy a block of land for your dream home, by joining Property Whispers for FREE you can be the first to know about these properties for sale.

Let us help you find a property. We instantly match, alert and connect you with agents or private sellers and provide you with their contact details.

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  • "After being unsuccessful at a number of auctions I’m now keen to find my property off-market using Property Whispers. A very easy platform to register and navigate"

    Dana, Mount Eliza

  • "What a great concept – Now I can see all agents' on-market and off-market properties in the areas I’m looking in"

    Julie, Rosebery

  • "If it was not for Property Whispers I would never have met this new agent in the Inner West area who has been extremely helpful in my property search"

    Toni, Rose Bay

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