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If you have missed out at auction, there is another way to succeed in buying a property.

Many agents are selling properties 'off-market' i.e properties that are not publicly advertised or are offered for sale prior to an advertising campaign.

Off-market listings are sometimes referred to as silent listings, quiet listings or pocket listings.

Property Whispers, the world's first off-market residential property sales platform now gives you instant access to these off-market listings,

just like buyers agents do.

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How Property Whispers Works


Buyers register their property requirements for free


Agents register & can currently upload off-market properties for free


An instant match occurs when a buyer's property requirements matches an off-market property. An email with contact details is sent to the buyer & agent


Buyer & agent speak, view the property by appointment, and hopefully a sale follows!


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Property Whispers offer the same service as a buyer's agent?

We give you direct access to off-market properties just like buyers agents do, but we don't provide a research, evaluation or negotiation service like a full service buyer's agent. Buyers agents charge a fee for their service

Joining and using Property Whispers is free.

What is an off-market property listing?

  • A 'quiet' listing ie. a property for sale (by private treaty or expressions of interest) that is not publicly advertised; OR
  • A 'pre-market' listing - ie. a property for sale (by private treaty or expressions of interest) before the public advertising campaign commences.

Off-market listings are sometimes referred to as silent listings, quiet listings or pocket listings.

Why should I use Property Whispers?

You may have been through stressful and unsuccessful auction processes and would love to know of all suitable off-market properties in your search areas.

Many agents have off-market properties available in the suburbs that buyers are looking in, however you may only know a few of these agents and therefore unaware of off-market properties listed by agents you do not know. matches available off-market properties with each buyer's requirements.

How does Property Whispers differ from other property sale websites?

  • is the world's first off-market residential property sales platform, (operating currently in Australia) devoted to off-market property sales, rather than properties advertised in the public domain
  • matches buyers’ property requirements with off-market properties listed by real estate agents
  • connects buyers and agents and allows both parties to initiate contact in relation to matching off-market properties
    • buyers are given the contact details of the registered agents
    • agents are given the contact details of all registered buyers

Can I view the off-market properties available in my area before a match occurs?

No, Property Whispers is not a browsing site.

It instantly matches your property purchase requirements with available off-market properties in your area. Once matched, you receive the specifications of that property and the agents contact details on your Dashboard and via an email alert (if selected). The agents also receive your contact details on their Dashboard and via an email alert.

How am I alerted and what information is provided about a matched property?

An email notification is sent to both the agent and buyer alerting each other of the match. You will receive the following information about the matched property:

  • Suburb and postcode
  • Property type
  • Number of bedrooms, bathrooms and parking spaces
  • Price guide
  • Agent contact details: email and mobile provided

An agent may also provide a brief description and photos of the property.

Is there a cost to register with and use Property Whispers?

No, its free for buyers.


Is Property Whispers operating nationally?

Yes, Property Whispers is a national service for buyers and real estate agents from anywhere in Australia.

Who will be given my contact details?

Real estate agents who have registered on and have listed off-market properties that match your requirements, are given your name and contact details.

How does Property Whispers ensure that properties on the website are genuine 'off-market' listings for sale?

Property Whispers Terms & Conditions:

  • clearly defines what qualifies as an ‘off-market’ property; and
  • require real estate agents to hold an Agency agreement and Contract of sale for any off-market property uploaded to the site.
  • Agents are required to specify the street address of any off-market property uploaded. Note: The street address is never given to buyers, they are only given the suburb.

Buyer feedback is monitored relating to properties not meeting Property Whispers’ off-market criteria and discussed with the relevant agent. Only properties meeting the criteria will be permitted to stay on the website.

Reasons why vendors choose to sell off-market

  • Vendors want a quick sale or have a desire for privacy
  • Vendors don’t want to go to auction (a stressful and costly process)
  • Vendors don’t want to spend money on advertising