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Published: 29/01/2018 12:00:00 AM

Property Whispers may be first to feature off-market properties in Australia

by Gordona Davila, 29/01/2018

Australian property tech start-up, Property Whispers boasts about being the first and only online website Down Under, which can instantly match buyers’ purchase requirements with the specifications of suitable properties for sale off-market, (ie.) those not publicly advertised for sale.

Property Whispers claims its website has had over $750,000,000 in off-market properties uploaded to its platform with 55% of current properties listed priced up to $1,000,000.

Co-founder of Property Whispers, Liane Fletcher, says, “Multiple new buyers register daily across all price ranges and property types. Many new instant matches occur every day; we’ve literally had thousands of matches so far.

Historically, most buyers did not have access to off-market properties. Property Whispers now gives every buyer the opportunity to be matched with off-market properties that suit their requirements, and it’s free for buyers to register and use the platform.”

Since the property market is currently in flux, auction clearance rates have fallen and, prices are coming down as well, increasingly more agents, buyers and vendors are choosing to interact off-market, consequently saving on advertising costs.

Mortgage brokers also currently have many buyers with finance pre-approved who have not found properties to buy. “Now would be a great time for mortgage brokers to contact their pre-approved borrowers and let them know Property Whispers can help them find properties off-market” added Fletcher.

Property Whispers plans to introduce several new initiatives to further enhance buyer and seller experiences in 2018.


Click here to go to Property Whispers and see how easy it is to use!

Property Whispers launched in 2017 as the world’s first off-market property sales platform, instantly matching buyers and their property requirements with all suitable off-market properties in their chosen area. You can buy or sell a property through Property Whispers. To join just click here.

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