Matching buyers with off-market properties

Published: 31/07/2017 12:00:00 AM

The new Australian realty platform matching buyers with off-market properties


A recently-launched real estate matchmaking service that pairs buyers with real estate agents selling off-market properties is the only exclusive portal in Australia to capture this market, says the founder of Property Whispers.

It was while working as a real estate agent that Liane Fletcher discovered there was a demand for buyers seeking off-market properties.

“Buyers were often frustrated with auction processes but did not know how to find off-market properties,” she admits. “And agents who had off-market properties on their books did not have anywhere to promote those to a wider group of buyers if they did not have the perfect buyer on their own database.”

These frustrations for buyers and agents alike fueled Fletcher’s desire to create a solution, and she founded Property Whispers with her co-founder and friend Larry Mendelowitz. The website launched in May 2017 and currently has over 1000 registered buyers for whom over 200 matches have already occurred.

To use the site, buyers register the requirements of the property they’re seeking while agents input the specifications of off-market properties they have listed. When a match occurs, each party instantly receives the other’s contact details.

“As a property purchase is one of the biggest and potentially time-consuming decisions many people will ever make, Property Whispers' biggest advantage may be convenience," Fletcher states.

"A buyer can now be relieved that they don’t have to run to every agent and ask to be put on their database; they don’t need to be on the phone or wait until someone calls them - when a property matches their specifications, they are instantly notified.”

Fletcher says there are significant advantages for vendors and agents too.

“The benefits for a vendor in using Property Whispers is the money they can save on advertising costs while for agents, every property can start its ‘sales life’ off-market.

"In the current climate, where prices have peaked, auction clearance rates cooled and sellers are “sitting on the fence”, unsure whether to list their properties for sale and pay expensive advertising costs, agents can now encourage sellers to list their properties for sale. If a sale does not occur off-market, they can discuss other methods of sale with the seller. It is a new listing tool for agents and a win-win-win for buyer, seller and agent alike.”


Click here to go to Property Whispers and see how easy it is to use!

Property Whispers launched in 2017 as the world’s first off-market property sales platform, instantly matching buyers and their property requirements with all suitable off-market properties in their chosen area. You can buy or sell a property through Property Whispers. To join just click here.

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