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Published: 19/02/2019 12:00:00 AM

Extensive upgrade sees Property Whispers move into on-market territory

19 February 2019

Tim Neary

Having launched Property Whispers in 2017 to enable off-market selling and buying, Property Whispers has completed development to expand its offering to cover the entire market, both on and off-market properties.

Co-founder Liane Fletcher said that the move followed the popularity of the platform.

“After creating over 20,000 off-market matches and following prompting from our agent user community, we received many enquiries about why we are only working in the off-market,” she told REB.

“So Property Whispers will now cover the whole marketplace, both on and off-market. Agents will be able to use it to upload, both and buyers will be able to come to one place to be instantly matched with properties.”

Ms Fletcher said that like in its first iteration, the upgraded platform provides instant matching.

“That means two-way communication between agents selling properties and thousands of ready-now buyers, rather than the traditional list and browse platform.

“Buyers can now benefit from a single source, delivered daily to their email inboxes, of all matching properties, those that are being advertised and those that are off-market, and whether for sale by private treaty or at auction.”

Ms Fletcher said that the development will assist agents.

“In a really tough market, where prices have fallen and vendors are nervous, agents now have a cheap alternative and complementary platform for their listings.”

She said that it is like dating for property.

“Instant matching allows people to put up their specifications and be notified immediately when a match occurs.

“And what happens then is two-way communication, which is not offered by other platforms. The agent receives a buyer’s contact profile and contact details, and he or she is entitled to contact those buyers. And the buyer receives the agent’s name and contact details.”

Ms Fletcher said that communication can occur straight away.

“An agent does not need to wait to see who turns up at an open for inspection, and potentially lose a lot of buyers who may have been interested in a property but just didn’t get around to seeing it.

“The agent has that full list of people who were looking for a property with those specifications. They are then able to engage in conversations with people that they may not have had access to otherwise.

“They may sell the property specifically matched to that buyer, or they may have a conversation with that buyer about a different property.”

Ms Fletcher said that the platform has been popular.

“To date, we have had over $1.65 billion in property uploaded and over 18,000 instant matches between properties and buyers.”

She said that the platform’s offering is unique and provides benefits for both agents and buyers.

“There is considerable uncertainty in the property market,” Ms Fletcher said.

“Prices are down as are auction clearance rates, and it can be tough getting vendors to spend thousands of dollars on an advertising campaign. Property Whispers helps agents bring those properties to market by reducing that marketing cost considerably.”


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Property Whispers launched in 2017 as the world’s first off-market property sales platform, instantly matching buyers and their property requirements with all suitable off-market properties in their chosen area. You can buy or sell a property through Property Whispers. To join just click here.

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