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Published: 15/03/2019 12:00:00 AM

15 March 2019 Property Whispers

Guest Post by Property Whispers.

In a world of increasing connectivity, expectation and demands, trying to work ever more efficiently is a daily challenge and some jobs are more forgiving than others when it comes to success.

Technology has come a long way in assisting in the process. For many it’s tough to remember the industry before mobile phones! A mobile phone is the basic survival tool for any agent. Software is constantly evolving too, with a plethora or database applications, CRM’s and business management tools available.

However when it comes to the key functions of listing and selling property, until now not that much has changed. While new lead generation tools are helpful, listings are still predominantly about building relationships and selling is still about promotion of a property in the right way and negotiating a sale. Online advertising on the big portals – now an essential part of any ‘on-market’ campaign - has become increasingly expensive at a time when vendors are uncertain what their properties may sell for, if at all.

So, what alternatives are available to agents in a climate where prices are falling, auction clearance rates are down, vendors are nervous and buyers are no longer concerned about missing out? Agents after all still need to keep the wheels of the residential property market turning and earn a living.

There’s a new concept sweeping through many industries that agents can adopt to make their businesses more efficient and successful. It’s the ‘matching’ approach that has worked so successfully for social connectivity (dating sites, apps and now Tinder), transport (Uber), accommodation (AirBNB) and many others. And now it’s arrived in property as well.

The concept of matching buyers directly with available properties listed by agents means you no longer rely on buyers endlessly trawling advertising websites and hopefully finding your listing.. and then bothering to come to a scheduled inspection, and if they don’t, that buyer is lost forever. You have no way of knowing who they are, whether your property might have suited them or how to contact them. Indeed even if that property wasn’t quite right you might have another that is perfect, but how do you know who the buyer is and how do you make contact with them?

An example of new generation technology and innovation is Australian startup Property Whispers which has brought the matching concept to residential real estate and made it easy for buyers and agents to connect directly in relation to specific properties available for sale, whether ‘on-market’ or ‘off-market’.

It works like this:

  • Through extensive social media marketing and public relations campaigns thousands of registered buyers have uploaded their purchase requirements.
  • Agents upload their properties, either ‘on-market’ (publicly advertised) or ‘off-market’ (not publicly advertised).
  • An algorithm instantly matches buyers with suitable available properties.
  • Both agent and buyers are given each other’s contact details – names, phone numbers and email addresses – so you can immediately commence the discussion.

Managing your time means having effective conversations with buyers and sellers, particularly in relation to properties you’re trying to sell today. Delivering for your vendors means reducing costs for them and bringing buyers most likely to be interested forward as soon as possible.

Technology is delivering new tools to help the modern agent be successful at any point in the cycle and using those tools is more important than ever in today’s tough market!

Article supplied by Property Whispers.

Property Whispers is Australia’s first instant matching platform to buy and sell property. Find out more by clicking on this link www.propertywhispers.com.au


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Property Whispers launched in 2017 as the world’s first off-market property sales platform, instantly matching buyers and their property requirements with all suitable off-market properties in their chosen area. You can buy or sell a property through Property Whispers. To join just click here.

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