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Property Whispers, the world's first off-market residential property sales platform gives you the opportunity to sell your 'off-market' and pre-market listings (including off the plan) which are instantly matched with our buyers.
(Off-market listings are sometimes referred to as silent listings, quiet listings or pocket listings).

Matches occur on property specifications, price range and suburb only. Photos can be uploaded at your discretion. Street addresses are not provided to buyers.

In today's market, you can secure new listings by starting your campaign 'off-market' on Property Whispers. To learn more visit our FAQs

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Hear from some of our agents on board...

"A delightfully easy to use tool which I do not want to be without again!
I love Property Whispers, The concept is simple but the potential power of this is massive - Cannot wait to be a part of this platforms growth, I have no doubt this will dramatically change the way some agents work." Theesan Pather, Urban Land Housing

"I just joined, put a property up straight away and instantly matched with 9 new buyers. Wow I'm impressed
” Nikita Reskakis, PRD Nationwide Kogarah

"Wow, 13 enquiries on my first listing, THANK YOU!" Trevor (agent - Lower North Shore)

How Property Whispers Works


Buyers register their property requirements for free


Agents register & can currently upload off-market properties for free


An instant match occurs when a buyer's property requirements matches an off-market property. An email with contact details is sent to the buyer & agent


Buyer & agent speak, view the property by appointment, and hopefully a sale follows!


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Property Whispers differ from using my own database?

  • Sending an EDM from your database relies on buyers responding to you.
  • Property Whispers instantly matches you with suitable buyers and gives you their contact details.

What off-market listings are suitable for Property Whispers?

  • A 'quiet' listing - a property for sale (by private treaty or expressions of interest) that is not publicly advertised.
  • A 'pre-market' listing - a property for sale (by private treaty or expressions of interest) before the public advertising campaign commences.

Off-market listings are sometimes referred to as silent listings, quiet listings or pocket listings.

Agents can now suggest to vendors "sitting on the fence" to list their properties for sale using the Property Whispers off-market platform.

Why should I list my off-market properties on Property Whispers?

  • To be put in contact with registered buyers who have property requirements that specifically match your off-market listings. These buyers may be future vendors or landlords.
  • To access more buyers, creating a potentially more competitive environment and sell your off-market property in a shorter period of time

Is Property Whispers operating nationally?

Yes, Property Whispers is a national service for buyers and real estate agents from anywhere in Australia.

What information is required to list an off-market property?

On your Dashboard, you must provide the following information:

  • Property Type: Apartment, House, Townhouse/Villa, Block of Apartments, Land/Development Site, Off the plan or Retirement Living,
  • Street address, suburb and postcode of the property
    • The street address is NEVER PROVIDED to buyers, only recorded on your personal "Dashboard". Buyers are only ever made aware of the suburb.
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Number of parking spaces
  • Price guide

Photos and description of the property are optional.

You may also:

  • Upload company logo in your profile - seen on all property matches.

How does Property Whispers differ from other property sale websites?


  • is the world's first off-market residential property sales platform, (operating currently in Australia) solely devoted to off-market property sales, rather than properties advertised in the public domain
  • matches buyers’ property requirements with off-market properties listed by real estate agents
  • connects agents and buyers and allows both parties to contact each other
    • agents are given the contact details of all registered buyers
    • buyers are given the contact details of the registered agents

How many off-market properties can I list on Property Whispers and for how long?

There is no limit to the number of off-market properties you can list.

An off-market property can be listed for up to 6 months. After 3 months you will receive an email asking whether the property is still for sale.

Who will be given my contact details?

Buyers who have registered with propertywhispers.com.au and have property requirements that match your off-market property listings.

Contact details provided are your name, company, email address and mobile number.

How am I notified of a match and how do I contact the buyer?

When a match occurs, an email alert is sent out to you and the buyers with each others contact details ie. name, email address and phone number.

The buyer's details will also appear on your Dashboard.

Is there a cost to register with and use Property Whispers?

Currently, all agents have an obligation-free trial period to register and upload properties for free.


Buyers register and use the website for free.

How does Property Whispers ensure that properties on the website are genuine 'off-market' listings for sale?

Property Whispers Terms & Conditions:

  • clearly defines what qualifies as an ‘off-market’ property; and
  • require real estate agents to hold an Agency agreement and Contract of sale for any off-market property uploaded to the site.
  • Agents are required to specify the street address of any off-market property uploaded. Note: The street address is never given to buyers, they are only given the suburb.
Buyer feedback is monitored relating to properties not meeting Property Whispers’ off-market criteria and discussed with the relevant agent. Only properties meeting the criteria will be permitted to stay on the website.

How does Property Whispers keep its buyer database current?

  • Continuous marketing to new buyers in your area
  • Regular emails sent to buyers to confirm whether they are still active
  • All emails to buyers give them an option to become 'inactive'