List 'On-Market' Or Sell Quietly 'Off-Market'

You instantly get matched buyer contact details

Currently free for agents to list a property.

We offer you a new technology platform to sell real estate online differently & efficiently.

No more waiting at open for inspections to speak to buyers; we instantly match and connect you with ready buyers whose requirements match your property for sale, whether your property is advertised or being sold off-market.

We give you the contact details of all matched buyers (phone numbers & email addresses).

So Property Whispers is very different to any other platform and adds a unique edge to your marketing campaign.

We are currently offering agents unlimited free uploads for your listings!

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Agents have free property uploads...and our buyers could be your new listing!

Selling without an agent? We make it easy for you too!

It works like 'Dating for Property'!



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Agents/Sellers list properties for sale:

  • advertised, or
  • off-market


Buyers are instantly matched with properties



Agents/Sellers & Buyers get each others contact details & connect ahead of the crowd!

  • "The tool is incredibly powerful and amazingly user friendly.. I use it as a listing tool, a place for my vendors to test the market passively before launching a full scale campaign"

    Theesan Pather, Urban, Land Housing

  • "An awesome start...I put up my first property and received 41 matches!"

    Simon Pilcher, Pilcher Residential

  • "In the short time I have been registered on Property Whispers I have had a very positive experience. Over 100 new buyers I didn't know previously now added to my database!"

    Carlton Vaz, Sterling Real Estate

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